Musee Yves Saint Laurent Paris.

Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Paris

«Yves Saint Laurent. This name brings back family memories. A major fashion designer, he was among those who played a role in the evolution of fashion and of women wearing pants. With Rive Gauche, he also opened the style to ready-to-wear.»

The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris is permanently located at the address where the designer had his fashion house. A touch of nostalgia in a 19th-century building. For several years, the Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent Foundation was already organizing exhibitions related to fashion. But now the place is entirely devoted to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, which also has a second museum located in Marrakech.

With staging by Nathalie Crinière, a first selection of clothing retraces the highlights of the designer’s career. An eclectic choice brings to mind the classics (Saharan, tuxedo, etc.) that have marked the history of fashion and the evolution of women’s clothing with the wearing of pants.
Some of the most iconic couture collections are on display: One of the Mondrian dresses (a fascinating association between art and fashion) with sewing work in rather rigid and thick jersey that comes to compose a new painting of geometric abstraction where primary colours oppose white bands (beige, ivory) and black cutting lines. If the clothing makes up the prestigious part, documents, films, and interviews are also displayed to better explore the roads of creation.

Unquestionably, the most moving space is the office. A portrait painted by Buffet, a pair of glasses, sketches, and fabric samples in a space where an imposing library dominates. Time there is forever suspended.

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