«Paris is, for me, a fascinating city. I am always curious to see in this city, with its architecture so fiercely protected, how large-scale projects can be born. If Renzo Piano had already co-signed the Pompidou Centre, with his latest achievements, he somewhat puts Paris in the time of skyscrapers.» […]



«Alberto Giacometti was undeniably one of the greatest sculptors of the twentieth century. A new research centre will soon be opened as part of the artist’s foundation in Paris, one which will draw back the curtain for a view into his studio. I find one statue particularly moving and striking […]


Tie me up

«From nature to culture, man leaves his mark. He redesigns and gives another life by attaching symbols. The beauty of a stone or a simple pebble can be touching in its own raw minerality, but when man (re)discovers and (re)transfoms it, he adds poetry to it, forever.»   A stone, […]


Design of the year

«As an architect, I’ve always considered the creations of my peers as ways of challenging my own work. I can identify with many of them who have pursued the renovation of ancient monuments. All these new buildings erected by great architects contribute to a forward-looking heritage that I find truly intriguing.» […]


Niche perfumes

«With pride of place given to exclusivity and originality, so-called niche perfumes are essential to the world of fragrance, as far as I’m concerned. I am wholly unimpressed by the banality of marketing creations. I’d rather immerse myself with abandon in brands that dare to create outside the box.»   […]


Trench (coat)

«An essential addition to any wardrobe—including, clearly, my own—the trench coat first drew me in through the military and historical origins of its name, married with its presence in the world of cinema and a steady way of adding a bit of sparkle and shine to drab, grey days.»   […]