Maison Martin Margiela

«In the fashion landscape, first came haute couture, then the designers, some of whom played a truly pivotal role in their time. While the Japanese may be the first that spring to mind, Martin Margiela also played a significant role. Today, Paris pays the designer a worthy tribute with two […]


Tiffany Blue

Exquisite jewellery and tableware are signatures of the beautiful and typically American Tiffany & Co., however, the outfit also ventures into creative territory. In the past, Tiffany & Co. has entered into collaboration with highly esteemed talents, including Frank Gehry. What’s more, Tiffany’s even has a signature colour, an extremely […]


Ettore Sottsass: a giant of design

«Any art form has its share of extraordinary talents. In design, one of the twentieth century’s greatest talents was Ettore Sottsass, whose work was imbued with originality, poetry and imagination… The renowned artist transitioned from architecture into the world of design, where he left a major imprint on the work […]


Kengo Kuma knocks on wood

«The great Japanese architect Kengo Kuma creates buildings the whole world over. What I find most intriguing about his work is his approach to a traditional material that is readily available for use everywhere… wood. Right on the heels of the concrete generation, these poetic creations are the work of […]

Travel & Gastronomy


«An intriguing smell, a bright green colour, a taste that’s out of this world…. Matcha is a reflection of our time that allows the meeting and fusion between different cultures. From the tranquillity of the tea ceremony in a Zen garden to our home kitchens, matcha powder has travelled a […]


Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Paris

«Yves Saint Laurent. This name brings back family memories. A major fashion designer, he was among those who played a role in the evolution of fashion and of women wearing pants. With Rive Gauche, he also opened the style to ready-to-wear.» The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris is permanently […]