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La Jetée by Chris Marker

«A filmmaker with a host of documentaries under his belt, Chris Marker also doubled as a major polymorphic artist. His film La Jetée is, in many respects, an absolute masterpiece waiting to be discovered or revisited for a second viewing. The feat of creating a captivating narrative with only a […]


The Jeannerets

«While the name Le Corbusier is well known for the man’s utopian and innovative ideas and achievements, he was actually born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. The surname is one that he shared with his cousin and frequent collaborator Pierre Jeanneret, whose furniture is proving particularly noteworthy today, not unlike the work of […]


Astro Boy

«Set against a colourful manga backdrop, the small robot Astro Boy emerged from the ashes of nuclear destruction to become a hero in early 50’s Japan. The theme was in keeping with the spirit of the times, with anti-nuclear ecology and the rising powers on the hunt for the fatal […]


Serge Lutens

«With a refined sense of aesthetic, Serge Lutens made a large contribution to what would later come to be described as niche perfume. For more than twenty years, he has created original and elegant creations that often whisk us away on a sensory expedition through the Orient—in short, Lutens weaves […]



«The city-from-scratch concept has something particularly fascinating about it—especially for an architect! Often history has shaped the construction of cities around access to water, creating plans where the city rules over the laws of geometry. The 20th century saw the creation of two major cities: Brasilia in Brazil, initiated by […]


Rembrandt’s Newlyweds

«Rembrandt, the Grand Master of painting, is known for his work with portraits and for his extraordinary masterpiece, The Night Watch. The beautiful tale of a matching pair of portraits depicting a young, newly-wed couple has now reached a perfect conclusion with their joint acquisition by two museums, the Louvre […]