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Why a blog?

As we were developing our future foundation, the urge came about quite naturally to pursue what is known these days as a blog. But I’d rather think of it as a sketchpad focusing on themes that interest me. I chose the blog medium for its ability to tell a story in real time, weaving a beautiful tapestry of encounters and discoveries with culture as the only end goal, in the broadest sense.

Aside from reflections on events and exhibitions, the blog will also delve into subjects of world heritage. Ranging from art to fashion, with no short thrift given to architecture (my primary career), travel and cooking, these reflections will be little bubbles of escape from daily life, written to be shared with anyone who believes—like I do—that culture’s role in the world today is more vital than ever.

Barcelona, the city where I was born. For some reason, since I was child, I have always felt admiration for everything related with architecture. Perhaps influenced by the elegant demeanour, will and “savoir fair” of my mother.

At the end, my artistic anxiety inside the area of scenic arts, sculpture and painting ended up flourishing in architecture. I was so decided, I “wanted to be an architect”.

Educated in the most outstanding schools and universities of the world: I have studied in the University of Barcelona (UAB), with the following master’s degree in Belgium going through Lausanne, Paris, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Rome. Where I had the opportunity to make my firsts architectural projects.

I am a man of world, even though those who know me well, know that I am faithful devoted of Paris. The city where the inspiration has been reflected in “La Boheme” of Puccini, musician that I personally feel a big admiration. I consider myself “Pucciniano”, composer that in 1880, with the help of a family member and a given scholarship, achieved to enroll in the Milan Conservatory to study composition. What it would be of Puccini if he did not have the opportunity to receive that scholarship for his studies? What it would be of the artistic talent without the opportunities and help of the patrons to show their work to the world? Both rhetorical questions keep a close relation with my new project called:

The “Maximiliano de Cabrera Foundation for the Artistic Patronage”.

With this foundation, I want to asset my intention to stand out the talent of new artists creating opportunities, connecting those artists with my wide network of distinguished “connaissances”: “To those artists and talents that are part of this wonderful project, I would like to offer my support and opportunity to find the horizon in their path”.

I am father of two children, Leonardo Maximiliano and María Alba Valentina, for which I feel an absolute devotion. That is why the most important legacy I want to transmit to my family is the fact to inspire and encourage all those who share my personal motto:

“If we can believe it, we can do it”.

You can check the Heraldic Biography of Maximiliano de Cabrera by clicking here.